What the heck is a Celebrant?

Celebrant is an old word originally used by Anglican and Catholic priests. Today’s Celebrants serve their communities in both secular, interfaith, multicultural ways. That is why we are a team of thoroughly Modern Celebrants.  Our reason for getting up in the morning is to collaborate with thoughtful vibrant people to create a ceremony especially for them –  be it a wedding, celebration of life, memorial or baby naming.

Pretty much anyone can do mass-produced ceremony. That’s what many officiants actually do because it makes life easy for them!  We utterly reject boring same-old ceremony.  YOU are our vision board and even if you don’t know it yet, your story is extraordinary!

We care about creating a strong connection of trust and delight before, during, and after your ceremony. Helping you hit the pause button during the pivotal experiences of your life matters to us. Enjoy taking time to unfold your memories and stories. These are what inspire us to create a ceremony utterly reflective of you, your family, or your loved one.  Read our testimonials… you’ll hear how much this ROCKS!  Most people have never had an experience like this. It’s kind of like having your portrait painted but in words… words that are shared with others who will themselves be inspired!  A hallmark of our wedding ceremonies, celebrations of life and baby namings is that these make everyone present feel connected and part of something significant.

The Modern Celebrant team of award winning wedding officiants and funeral celebrants is here to change the way we all engage with ceremony in our fast-paced society.  Think: uplifting, beautiful and engaging with equal measures of joyful laughter and poignant tears. We strongly support inclusive ceremony… we respect your faith, culture, gender and sexual orientation.

If you believe that ceremony is not a hoop to jump through so you can get to the party – you’ve come to the right place.

We can’t wait to start a conversation with you!

Michele Davidson, Founder & Principal Celebrant of the meaning-making team at Modern Celebrant
Michele Davidson, Founder & Principal Celebrant of the meaning-making team at Modern Celebrant







“Choosing you to be our wedding officiant was the best decision we made planning our wedding!” Our guests loved the storytelling of our journey and many commented on how it was the “realest’ ceremony they had ever attended.” – Junie

“I’ll always remember meeting you at my door and being awestruck by the calm radiant way you have about you. I felt such a strong sense of trust immediately! You were the perfect person and funeral celebrant to honour my mother and her amazing life. You have such elegance and grace and have certainly found your calling in life. I thank you profoundly and heartily say to all that you are Vancouver’s very best funeral celebrant.” – Katie