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Something amazing has been happening over the past few years. Couples we have married are now birthing and adopting their children. Couples are becoming families. Two are becoming three, and four, and even five! And they are reconnecting with us to create family-based baby ceremonies that celebrate the arrival of these precious new lives. Our Baby naming and Child Honouring ceremonies are participatory community ceremonies where each person present (usually a small group of family and close friends) can express their hopes and intentions to the child, in a way that is meaningful for them. Don’t worry, we offer tons of ideas and inspirations!


For some, this can be spoken, while others make wishes and prayers quietly in their heart. Grandparents, friends, siblings, mamas and papas, guideparents… we involve everyone in some way. There is nothing flakey or woo-woo about these ceremonies. They are grounded in universal human principles, hopes and dreams. And have handily won over even resolute grandparents dismayed not to have a church blessing. That sure makes us feel good! We talk about the names you’ve chosen for your child, the family lineage on each side, family and community wishes are offered, parents make promises to their child (love this part, especially when dads get all teary), and typically we read the Convenant for Honouring Children – a stunning document that speaks so eloquently of how children are here to learn, but also to be our teachers. They deserve to be recognized, protected and nurtured as they develop their own unique gifts. Whether you call it a Baby Naming, Baby Blessing, Adoption Ceremony or Child Honouring … your child’s ceremony lays a foundation for new family traditions and connections. There will be laughter, expressions of love, more than a few tears, and an exuberant community closing.


You may be interested to learn that Modern Celebrant’s Michele Davidson is the only Officiant in North America recognized by The Centre for Child Honouring. It is an privilege that is attended to and nurtured deeply in Michele’s ceremonial presence.

We keep our fee purposely low (starting at $495). These ceremonies mean SO much to us and we really believe in their power to create an amazing start for a new family.  If you’re interested in having a fresh modern alternative to baptism or christening for your child – or want to give one as a gift to new parents – call and chat about it with Michele at 604-992-4217.




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