Lucias Baby Naming Ceremony

Lucia Jolie Candido.  Lucia’s mom and dad, Justine and Rob, wanted to give Lucia a day that was especially for her.  Like many parents these days, they sought an alternative to baptism and christening.  I was so happy that Justine’s internet search led her to me!

One of the most joyful aspects of my Celebrancy practice is giving new parents a contemporary way to welcome their child in the presence of their family and community.  Each ceremony I write is commissioned and that means it’s written for that family.

It was a great pleasure to collaborate with Justine and Rob. Their love for each other and for Lucia inspired me to create a truly special ceremony to celebrate Lucia’s emerging personality, as well as their hopes and dreams for her.  In case you’re wondering how I gathered the information that allowed me to write about Lucia’s unique family story, here’s how it works.

I met with Justine and Rob at their home for a relaxed interview to gather memories.  We chatted about their time as a couple before they became parents, what the pregnancy was like, and what it’s like to be a mother and father. Because Lucia was nearly one year old, it was especially delightful to hear about the first year of her life.

I also had Justine and Rob work on their own on some fun reflection questions. Their answers, combined with the interview, gave me tons of great material.

The day of the ceremony dawned hot and sunny. While guests good naturedly fanned themselves, I spoke to how a child changes the lives of all who love her.  We honoured Lucia’s grandparents, and I shared stories about Rob and Justine’s life together pre-Lucia.  This is important because it helps guests understand how a couple came to have a child; their intentions, hopes, and dreams.

I usually suggest that parents make promises to their child during the ceremony.  Justine and Rob were excited about this and found an incredible reading that reflected their promises to their daughter.  They selected three verses from  100 Promises To My Baby Written by Mallika Chopra.  The first and second verses they took turns reading, and the third they read together.

Dear friends Katja and Ben came and stood with Lucia, Justine, and Rob for the portion of the ceremony where they accepted their responsibilities as godparents. Should something happen to Rob and Justine, Katja and Ben will step in to raise her.  It was so evident that Kaja and Ben were honoured to be entrusted with this important responsibility.  Their words of commitment were very meaningful.

We closed by forming a circle around this little family.  Lucia was held high by her parents for all to adore while we blew bubbles of celebration!

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