Raffi gives his blessing to our Children’s Ceremonies

One of my BIG DREAMS was to meet Raffi Cavoukian, environmental visionary and children’s troubadour. Eight years ago I read his Covenant for Child Honouring. It shifted something inside me. Raffi created a call to create a child-first world, where young people’s rights as individuals are not only respected but honoured. I already cherished the children in my life and this helped me to see them as even more whole than I had previously. It’s beautiful.  Listen to HH Dalai Lama and others read it.

When I began doing Adoption & Baby Naming Ceremonies, I wove the Covenant into my ceremonies. My big dream was to share with Raffi what I was doing and seek his blessing. Last week the most extraordinary thing happened. I put out a call on Twitter, “Does anyone know Raffi? Can you introduce me to him?”  And lo and behold… I heard from the man himself.  To say I was stunned… understatement!

Just days after that tweet, we met in person. Spending nearly two hours together, chatting and getting to know each other, we found we shared many common interests and understandings. Raffi is such a gentle soul, peaceful yet full of energy.  Amazing to be around.  I can see why children are utterly enthralled by him and why adults feel the same way.  In his presence you feel so seen and perfect just as you are.  That such a conscious concept as a Covenant for Child Honouring came from Raffi comes as no surprise.

Raffi took his time reading through one of my children’s ceremonies, asking questions and giving feedback. He loved seeing how the Covenant is being used and has given my his blessing to use the term ‘Child Honouring’ for my children’s ceremonies. I’m THRILLED. He is an inspiring individual and I am so fortunate to have met him and received his endorsement for my work.

News Update: The Honourable Steven Point, Lieutenant Governor of BC will be presenting Raffi Cavoukian with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. The ceremony will be held on Friday March 16th at the Government House in Victoria. Congratulations to Raffi!

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