How’s your Farsi

“How’s your Farsi?” Arshan asked me that question near the end of our consultation. Arshan and his wife-to-be, Farrin, shared their vision for their wedding… Read More

Family Stories

Recently I stood in a meadow with nearly 300 good and gentle people who stood together shoulder-to-shoulder, united by three things – love, compassion, and… Read More

The Best Gift EVER

Many years ago, my siblings and I requested a family meeting with my father. The purpose of that meeting is now lost in the mists… Read More

First Look

To do the first look before the ceremony, or at the ceremony… that is the question!  Most couples don’t know what to do because, well,… Read More

A Life Well Lived

I recently had the opportunity to be the Funeral Celebrant for a gentleman who had been a friend of ours for over fifteen years. On… Read More