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Your loved one has died. If you are not part of a faith community, who do you turn to for assistance with creating a memorial or funeral service?  Or as many people prefer today…a Celebration of Life. As a Funeral Celebrant, this is where I can help you.  I can work with you and your family in a variety of ways to help you have a meaningful experience, with as much or as little support as you need.

In the period immediately following a loved one’s death, you will be in a time of disconnect.  Things will alternately seem real and unreal.  And you will be busy!  There is a LOT to do after a death.  Most people find themselves overwhelmed.

Here’s how I can help:

  • Write and perform the a memorial or other ceremony from start to finish, including the Eulogy.  You don’t have to do anything but share memories with me. Many people find they are too bereft or too exhausted to craft a eulogy. And they aren’t comfortable with standing up and presenting it when they are so emotional.
  • Write and perform everything BUT the eulogy. In these cases, I act as consultant for you… coaching you on how to write the eulogy. And you still have someone with experience to hold the ceremonial space and guide the ceremony. This can be very healing for those who are up for it!
  • Coach and guide YOU to create the ceremony yourself and helping with editing. Here I work on an hourly basis with you. And the plus here is that I can assist you via the internet no matter where you are!  Live in Borneo?  No problem!

Other services and ways to work together:

  • The scattering of ashes. Most people want the return of the loved one’s cremated remains to the elements to be dignified and heartfelt. It’s not just a flinging!  I have lots of ideas and experience that will help you ensure this final act is an act of remembrance thoughtfully done.
  • Burial service. In our culture, very few people have a lot of experience being at a graveside. It can be difficult for families to know what to do and and how to do it. This is a time in life where it can be very comforting to have someone you trust do the leading so you don’t have to. This is poignant and too important to be haphazard.
  • Death Anniversary Observances. These can be hard and bring up a lot of emotion. Over the years I have developed beautiful ways to remember… privately, and with family.  I’d love to help.

Memorial services should be meaningful and illuminating. My purpose is to create an atmosphere of profound connection where family and friends share memories, laugh through their tears, and help each other find the courage to live in a world without their loved one. I would love to create something unique and heartfelt with you. Please call me for a complimentary consultation at 604-992-4217 or email me at

Michele Davidson, Master Celebrant & Seeker of Meaning

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