If I don’t pray, what do I do?

At times of loss, many people call upon prayer for comfort. But, if you don’t pray, what do you do?

As a Funeral Celebrant, I am drawn to support people who do not find solace in traditional religion, or who may identify as an atheist or agnostic. And whether this speaks to you, or you are someone who prefers a faith-based service, I believe a Celebrant-led funeral ceremony can help you find a spiritual connection when you need it most.

Regardless of whether or not you are religious, in the face of death all of us seek ways to hold and express the vulnerable emotions we feel. We seek ways to connect with deep sources of wisdom, goodness and hope. One privilege of living in a diverse society is being able to draw from a wide variety of ceremonies and rituals, and our life experiences. There are common symbols and actions that cut across culture and religion – ones that can serve to create spiritual connection.

A moment of silence, the lighting of candles or the ringing of a bell. Each one can invite us to focus our attention inward. For many people, poetry is considered to be the language of the soul. Poetic themes such as timelessness and eternity, beauty and love, forgiveness and hope, can reach us in ways that go beyond the understanding of the words themselves. We are likewise touched by music. Music has been said to express the inexpressible, affecting us in the realm of feelings rather than thoughts.

My goal as a Funeral Celebrant is to design Celebration of Life and Memorial ceremonies that support families at a time of a loss. I strive to find rituals and words that offer spiritual meaning and comfort…even for those who don’t pray.

Funeral Celebrant Marcia Thomson, for Modern Celebrant

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