A Memorial Portrait for Jacqueline

Jacqueline Irene Gore:  1944- 2011 A woman’s name… a beautiful life book-ended by two two dates… a family embracing a world without her.  Run your cursor over her name and you will see.

As a professional Celebrant, my calling is to help people honour the Big moments of their lives in ways that are transformative, alive, and vibrant. This holds equally true for memorials and ceremonies of remembrance, as it is for the joyful times like weddings and births.  People yearn to mark the transitions of their lives. They yearn to reflect deeply and, as I have come to see, to put the ‘rite’ back into the ‘rite of passage’.  They just don’t know how.

Which brings me to Jacqueline Irene Gore and her amazing family. Jacqueline’s two sons, her life partner, daughter-in-law, and daughter-in-spirit wanted to share not only the loss of their mother with people who cared about her, but they wanted to tell the story of Jacqueline Irene Gore. Who she was… what she stood for… the things that brought her enjoyment & peace & happiness… her challenges… about her powerful ability to connect. They wanted to be involved in her ceremony of remembrance in ways that suited them.

They wanted a ceremonial guide to help them pull their thoughts and ideas together.  I’m so glad they found me.  I met with the family, looking at video clips, photos, and listening to them tell their stories and memories, I got a pretty good idea of Jacqueline. This helped me to know the life book-ended by those two dates.  To get a glimpse of the spirit of the woman behind the name.

For the ceremony of remembrance, I wrote Jacqueline’s story.  And Jacqueline’s family shared the video they made to remember her.  To visually highlight the words in the stories.  In allowing me to share it with YOU here they hope it will inspire others to create their own memorial portraits in video.  YOU CAN WATCH THE VIDEO OF JACQUELINE HERE.

I believe with all my heart that it is healing work and a healthy part of the grief journey to make a memorial video such as this.  As she would say, “May blessings be.”

In honour of Jacqueline Irene Gore.

With gratitude to the entire Gore Holecka family




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