Mourning a Loss

Today was the day I was all set to begin writing about the many extraordinary weddings I’ve performed so far this summer.

But my heart is heavy with sadness.  Although I’ve spent lots of time being with individuals as they die, and with families as they grieve after the loss of their loved one — I am still very impacted when someone I love is living out their final days.  A very dear friend was recently diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour and within days was plunged into a state of paralysis.  Her body is losing it’s strength, and it is clear she is on a powerful inner journey.  She cannot speak with words, but with her one good hand and her eyes communicates her joy and her sorrow. My hope is that my loving quiet presence is of support. I speak to her of all the life tools she has gathered in her vibrant adventurous life, things that hopefully serve her as she explores her inner world.  I cannot help but cry a little sometimes when I am with her.  And I hope that this honesty reveals truth.  The truth of the circumstance, the truth of sorrow, the truth of real life.  The truth of LOVE.

Here is a poem sent by another dear friend.  I’d like to share it with you, dear readers.

We failed a little.
Dip the wound in water.
Wrap it in a song.
Climb into the canoe.
Paddle out from the weeping.
Let the failing fail.
Let the stars bear trouble.
Let the canoe carry.
What we cannot bury.
– Joy Harjo

One thought on “Mourning a Loss

  1. What a beautiful poignant poem. It feels freeing, honoring the wounds, the failings, paddling out from under into the calm waters. May she — and you — and all beings find peace. Thank you for sharing this part of your journey.

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