Tips for Planning a Memorial

In addition to Celebrations of Life and other larger more public remembrance ceremonies, Funeral Celebrants like myself also perform more intimate services for the Scattering of Ashes and Graveside Ceremonies. Most families feel these are very important, but they haven’t a clue how to make it so. 

These words are from a lovely (and very stylish) woman in her 60’s about the internment of ashes ceremony I created for her husband. “You guided us with caring through his internment. The touches of earth from home and the flower petals added such poignancy to the moment.  When I think of his laying to rest, I feel a sense of peace that it happened the way it did, and I know that I owe much to you.” 

Following are some of the ways I can support YOU and your family:

Create and guide a ceremony for the Scattering of Ashes. Most people want the return of their loved one’s cremated remains to the elements to be dignified and heartfelt. It’s not just a flinging!  I have lots of ideas and experience that will help you ensure this final act is an act of remembrance thoughtfully done. In a way that grounds you and provides comfort whenever you think about it.

Create and guide a Burial Service. In our culture, very few people have a lot of experience being at a graveside. It can be difficult for families to know what to do and and how to do it. This is a time in life where it can be very comforting to have someone you trust do the leading so you don’t have to. As with ash scattering, I have many ways to make you feel safe and included. To lay your loved one’s body to rest is poignant. This is far too important to be haphazard.

Death Anniversary Observances. These can be hard and bring up a lot of emotion. Over the years I have developed beautiful ways to remember… privately, and with family.  I’d love to help.

by Michele Davidson, Master Celebrant & Seeker of Meaning

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