Naming Ceremonies and Baby Blessings

In 2004 Celebrant Michele heard the Dalai Lama read the Covenant for Child Honouring. She remembers, “I was blown away! It was a crystallizing moment for sure.”  Written by BC’s very own Raffi Cavourkian, the Covenant expresses a universal vision and speaks eloquently to how children are here to learn, but also to be our teachers. And so, when she founded Modern Celebrant, her very first ceremony was a Baby Naming ceremony. A few years ago, Michele was thrilled (and nervous!) to have a private lunch with Raffi to share about her ceremonial approach to celebrating children. Raffi generously gave his blessing to use his Covenant within them and even call the ceremonies Child Honourings if parents wish, instead of a Baby Naming or Baby Blessing. Nice to have options!

Reconnecting with old Traditions but in a beautiful NEW way!

Whether your child arrives through birth or adoption, he or she represents the gift of life and a new beginning. Since times beyond memory, people of every culture and faith have gathered to celebrate the birth of their children. Baptisms, christenings, and other religious services were some of the ways.  However, many parents today do not feel a strong connection to these ceremonies. We believe it is truly a loss for them as parents – and for all of us – to end up doing nothing as result.  Because when we fail to rejoice at the new life in our midst, we fail as a society to nurture our humanity. Michele visioned our children’s ceremonies to fill this very natural yearning. And to do so in a secular, family-based and non-denominational way that we can all relate to.

Creating Family Memories

Your child’s ceremony affirms your important role as parents. And recognizes the life-shifting step you’re taking into the many lessons and truths of parenthood. HUGE isn’t it! Just as importantly, these ceremonies support healthy relationships by bringing your family and friends into your child’s life, and your son or daughter into theirs. Your child will be surrounded by love and intention on this day, as we hope he or she will be for their entire life. It still takes a village. That’s why involve everyone in the ceremony — it’s not just us talking!  Grandparents, friends, siblings, mamas and papas…We guide you and provide ideas and inspirations for the experience.  Woven through the ceremony are our thoughtful words to elevate the tenderness and joy of the ceremony even further. Your family ceremony will lay a foundation for memories and traditions. There will be laughter, more than a few tears, and an exuberant community closing.

Baby Namings, Baby Blessings, and Child Honouring Ceremonies are the most joyful part of our practice. We love that many of our wedding couples reconnect to create a special ceremony when they have their sons and daughters. Our children’s ceremonies begin at $495. Longer storytelling ceremonies are possible too.  Interested? Let’s start a conversation!