For our LGBTQ+ wedding couples

Whether you call it a gay wedding, a same-sex wedding or something else entirely, co-creating wedding ceremonies for LGBTQ+ couples is a hugely special experience for us. A formal (and legal) ceremony to mark this ‘right’ of passage was far too long denied to same-sex, transgender and queer identifying couples. We are so honoured to be asked and trusted to create these personal wedding ceremonies.

And we whole-heartedly embrace the beautiful human diversity of relationships and families. You are very welcome here… and welcome to be YOU! All that matters to us is that you share an abiding love and have a deep desire to care for one another.

We promise a ceremony that celebrates your unique love story and commitment to each other. Know that we’ll infuse whatever we create together with your personalities. No one present that day will fail to be profoundly touched by what is a beautiful human truth – that is to love and to be loved is the greatest gift of all.  Orientation does not matter when it comes to love. Let’s sing it out!

Scoot over to our wedding page to read about our wedding ceremony experiences. There are three to choose from.

Questions?  Sure thing.  Give us a call or give us your details so we can contact you right away.

Complimentary consultations with our wedding officiant team will help you discover beautiful possibilities!  We take a limited number of ceremonies each year (quality matters to us!) so please let us know your date as soon as possible.