What will you remember most on your Wedding Day?

There are moments in your life that you will hold above all others. Moments marked not by cakes, flowers, or stationary – but by your heart.  For at a wedding our hearts sing out for connection and emotional significance not just the pretty things!  Modern Celebrant wedding ceremonies celebrate this big moment in your life in a way that is bursting with your personality and a sense of timelessness.  One of our team will be overjoyed to serve as your wedding officiant. We want you to experience a wedding ceremony utterly unique to your personalities and values, and definitely unlike any other. We take the time to discover what matters most to you and to understand the often competing priorities of faith, culture, and family. You won’t look back in 5, 10, 35 years and say ‘What were we thinking?!”

These are hands-on experiences not merely wedding ceremonies. You get to soak in this special time in your life… before, during, and long after your wedding day! Your voice shines through every step of the way. We promise. Now let’s make some magic!

After you watch these amazing videos – keep watching to the end to catch all the ceremony highlights! – scroll down to see how we can bring your wedding ceremony experience to life!



Thanks to our pals at Hello Tomorrow and Vincent and Theo Studios for sharing!

Our wedding ceremonies vary according to the amount of the pre-ceremony preparation we offer you, as well as the scope and complexity of the ceremony itself.


Our most expansive ceremonial experience, which includes individual and couple reflective process. Like everything in life, the more thought you put into something the better it becomes. We tap into all the things you want to express but can’t quite put into words. Engaging you in the creation of your ceremony is a catalyst for memory making and deeper meaning. There will never be another wedding ceremony like yours; it will be more than you dreamed possible. Warm. Funny. Tender. Inspiring. Sacred. If you are a couple who embraces life with passion and purpose, a sense of community, and a little quirkiness too – this is for you!  We find it extremely fulfilling to bring such a high level of expertise and conversation to your ceremonial experience. Everyone on the Modern Celebrant team is entirely interfaith, intercultural, and gender respectful. Honouring your backgrounds in an authentic way is important to us. A parting word of advice:  It’s easy to get immersed in planning and forget about the true heart of the day… so give yourselves the gift of imbuing your ‘I dos’ with your unique selves. Creating your wedding ceremony will be the best part of planning your wedding. We promise!  $1,200+ depending on scope and complexity (includes reflective process, custom writing, and officiating fee).


Created for couples wanting a taste of Modern Celebrant’s more comprehensive wedding ceremonies but who are limited by timing, budget, or other factors. Just like gemstones in sweet little box, our Jewelbox ceremonies are beautiful too – small but mighty! Entirely custom but shorter in length and process, guided by our team of wedding officiants.  A very personal experience with your own words artfully woven with tradition. Let us help you shine out who you are and why your love is important.  $795+ depending on scope (includes reflective process, custom writing, and officiating).

Complimentary consultations with our wedding officiant team of Celebrants will help you discover beautiful possibilities!