5 Tips for Making the Winter Solstice Meaningful

The Winter Solstice (Dec 21-23) is a time of transformation. The return of the sun heralds the mystery of light emerging from the darkness. Give yourself a few hours for a personal “time out” from the bustle of the holidays and rededicate yourself to what’s truly important in your life. Create clear intentions to help yourself thrive not just survive!

Here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Review the past year and ask yourself: What feels complete? What needs finishing? What needs more of your attention. What no longer serves?
  2. What disappointments, ways of being, people, projects, or things are you ready to release?
  3. What were the gifts (inner and outer) of the past year for which you are grateful?
  4. What qualities do you want to cultivate over the coming year?
  5. What activities do you wish to give more of your thoughts and energy?

You can write down the things you wish to release on little pieces of paper. Turn down the lights (or better yet, go outside into the darkness) and burn them. Allow the flames to free you and the darkness to consume all that you no longer need.

Light a candle and write on a fresh sheet of paper all that you wish to devote your energy to in the coming year.  The light is symbolic of shining your inner light outwards to illuminate your life and others. Put your page of intentions someplace safe, where you can return to it as needed for inspiration.

Next year at this time, you can use it in your life review.  Mindfully letting go and mindfully setting intention in these ways really does help. I do it myself every year.  My husband Dan and I walk a candlelit labyrinth each winter solstice (click for more info) to help guide us.

Not able to take time around Solstice?  No problem… there’s always New Years. The above tips work equally well at this time of new beginnings and fresh starts!

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