Ceremony, relationships, and meaning in 2017

As I enter my fifth season of being a Celebrant here at Modern C, I find myself wondering what’s in store for 2017. Each year I look forward to forging relationships with the fascinating array of people for whom I am fortunate to create ceremonies. It’s exciting to discover stunning new venues that I never before even knew existed; to witness the creative energy poured into making these events special.  What ideas will I have for new rituals and meaningful ways to sensitively reflect the emotions of my clients? What challenges will I face? And in the process, what will I learn about myself?

It’s fair to say that 2016 was not a stellar year in the history of humankind, and many were happy to see it come to an end. For some, 2016 will be tinged with sadness, as it will always be the year in which they lost a loved one. However, for the couples that I served with marriage ceremonies, 2016 will also always be a very joyous year – the year in which they embarked on their married life; the year from which all of their anniversaries will stem.

Whether a ceremony marks a beginning or an end, it is important for us as humans to continue to mark life’s milestones together. Ceremonies provide an occasion for us to affirm our place in the world in the context of others. They give us a chance to remind each other of the power of family and friendship to keep us rooted. They create the community and connection with one another that imbue life with purpose and meaning.

It’s important that we matter to one another. We need to conduct ourselves thoughtfully with the idea of preserving and nurturing our relationships with one other. By doing so with those close to us, we can, by extension, create a more caring world.

Celebrant Janis Horne





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