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Don’t know about you, but I find it way too easy to get caught up in ‘doing’ in my quest to chase the extraordinary. Life is very fast-paced. Many of us go from task to task from the time we rise to when we lay our heads down. Whether you’ve been stoking your career, are newly or recently married, become a parent, experienced a death or loss, or life is just proceeding as per usual – it’s always a good time to reflect!

You need some silence. Free of interruptions. Time to daydream. So unplug yourself from all your stuff and get started. You can do the following alone, or with your spouse or a friend. Curl up on the couch with a journal (or simply your own heart) and something yummy.


Turn your mind to the past 12 months. Ask yourself:

• What feels complete?
• What needs finishing?
• What needs more of my attention?
• What no longer serves me?
• What ways of being, people, projects, or things do I need to release?
• What were the gifts of the past year that I am thankful for?

If you like, write down the things to release on little pieces of paper. Then burn them in the fireplace or outside. Sometimes I put mine in the ocean.  The inherent intent is to not only wish your self to be free of these things, but, to tangibly set that intention. Seriously, it works.


Reflect upon what is important in your life: Fill yourself up with your hopes for what will be.

• What qualities do I want to cultivate?
• What activities do I wish to give more of my thoughts and energy?
• Who are people I want to spend more time with? (Book some dates with them now!)
• What are ways I can nourish my emotional self?
• How can I elevate my creativity and big dreams?
• Pre-book at least one personal ME/US DAY for each month for the next year – and stick to them.

Write down all that you want to devote your energy to in the months ahead. Put your page of intentions someplace safe, where you can return to it as needed for inspiration.


You can do the above ritual anytime you have a new beginning or want to move through a difficult time in your life. Many of my clients keep their reflections and use them the next time to see what has changed.

Happy visioning! Dream, Dare Greatly, and Elevate your Life!

With great big love,

Celebrant Michele

6 thoughts on “DARE GREATLY | Making it happen

  1. Michele, what a great post. Thanks for that. I am at the Soul airport in Korea at the moment…awaiting my flight back to Vancouver. I have been working from Bali for the past 6 weeks and can tell you with 100% certainty that “pondering” and taking times of silence are 2 extremely important actions that not many people indulge in…and yet…innovation and creativity comes from living AND pondering! Magic happens in stillness yet…I often take stillness for moments of non-productivity…when I know that it’s the complete opposite.

    In addition, lately, I have had many hours to think about what not longer serves me…and your article was a great confirmation that I am asking myself some powerful questions…often…thank you ;-)

  2. Nice post Michele! I love the picture of you in harness.
    Fabulous suggestions for reflection and new beginnings

  3. Hi Michele!

    Wow! A whole new venture. You truly are an innovator! The “Dare Greatly” article is wonderful. I will refer to it often. Have you gotten more feedback from our fellow wedding vendors?

    All best,

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