Do we really want to be Crazy-Busy?!

Our lives today are so fast-paced…we often let the sweetest moments pass by unnoticed or unobserved. Lately I’ve heard the term “Crazy Busy” far too many times. When someone tells me they are crazy busy, or too busy, my gut tells me that they must not have time for me. Somehow the term implies and emotional distance or barrier.  Generally speaking, it’s hard for me to experience an emotional connection to self-identified crazy-busy people. (Believe me, I know that sometimes I am one…And I feel distanced from myself on those occasions!)

I have a couple of ideas on how we can be agents of change around this.

1) The language around having lots to do — What about if we used the word full instead of busy? (And omitted the word crazy… so that we don’t say crazy full!)  We could say our lives are “very full”.  It doesn’t feel as doctor-office-ish to me. To me, ‘full’ implies: full of good things.

2) Slowing down our pace —  Yes, it’s true, most of our lives are busy… oops, I mean full.  I believe we do need to slow down and that we have the power to do so.  We can slow our minds and the way we interact with and speak to each other. Ever hear someone talk rapid fire rat-a-tat-tat through what is supposed to be a social outing with you.  Feels like a visit to the doctor when s/he has 5 minutes and you need 20.

3) Bringing ourselves back to core values — Hopefully even our most menial activities can in some way connect us back to our core values and purpose in life.  For instance, one of my values is to Cultivate heart-to-heart, person-to-person connection.  So, when I’m about to roar through the grocery store in a last minute blitz… do I make eye contact with others… can respond with kindness when the person at the head of the line fumbles with their payment? Hey, do you know what your core values are?  Or are you too _ _ _ _  to think about them?

So dear readers will you join me in starting a not-so-random act of rebellion?  Will you join me in being an agent of change?  Let’s vow to never use the phrase Crazy Busy again…To use the word “Busy” less… and “Full” more?  And even when we are actually feeling CB inside, let’s at least try not distance ourselves from each other because of it.

Here’s an interesting You-Tube video on the subject by Dr. Hallowell who claims our world has gone ADD!

3 thoughts on “Do we really want to be Crazy-Busy?!

  1. Wonderfully said Michele! I am certain I’ve used the term “crazy busy” a time or two myself. It’s so easy to let ourselves get caught up in the day to day busy-ness of life that we don’t actually LIVE. Thanks for this message to stop and be present in each moment and to connect with the people around us.

  2. Nice piece, Michele, with good simple advice that I plan to start using right now! Underlines once again how re-framing something mentally can actually make it fell different – i.e., “full” instead of “busy”. I do say it often and another word I use is “rich”. I like the image of “surfing” — that is, I may have a lot to do but I picture myself up on top of the wave, balancing, with the wind in my hair!
    Grazie, Bella!

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