The Symbolism and Meaning of Easter

It’s true; I’m a follower of the Buddhist path and Easter is a Christian commemoration. But Easter has always been one of my favorite public ‘holidays’, followed closely by Thanksgiving.  Somehow ‘holiday’ seems the wrong word, implying the observance is merely a vacation day…but hey, it’s what we commonly use.  So what does it mean to me?

The resurrection of Christ is for me symbolic of the resurrection of hope, of new beginnings, and of the continuation of life.  The Biblical story reminds me that the beauty of life continues, even after times of immense suffering and darkness.

I look around today, Good Friday, and see evidence of this all around.  In the garden of my friend who died last year in the vibrancy of her life, the tulips she planted have pushed through the ground in a riot of colour. Standing before them I wish to weep for the sadness and loss of her, for I miss her very much, but inside there is a little twitter of joy to see evidence of her life continuing on in the seasons of her garden. How fragile life, yet how powerful and enduring.

Whether you believe that Christ rose from the dead after crucifixion on the cross, it is clear that, for many many people the time of Easter is a time of great meaning. Yes, we gather easter eggs, but we also gather for family feasting and togetherness.  Churches fill. The spirit of peace is passed.  And the collective heart of humankind that longs for fresh starts and new beginnings, beats with hope.

May you take time this weekend, whatever your faith, to welcome magic and mystery into your own life.

In peace, Celebrant Michele Davidson

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