New Years Resolutions | Tips on Making them Mindful

G055-TNH-Mindfulness-is-a-source-of-happiness-09_largeFeeling the need to close 2013 and ring in 2014 in a meaningful way but aren’t quite sure how?  Here is a simple exercise I do each year around Solstice and/or New Year’s Eve. Curl up on the couch with a journal (or simply your own heart) and something yummy to nourish you.

Reflect on what was:  Mid-Winter is a time of turning inward and for transformation. Reflect on the past 12 months and ask yourself:

  • What feels complete?
  • What needs finishing?
  • What needs more of my attention.
  • What no longer serves me?
  • What disappointments, ways of being, people, projects, or things am I ready to release?
  • What were the gifts (inner and outer) of the past year that I am thankful for?

If you wish, write down the things to release on little pieces of paper. Turn down the lights (or better yet, go outside into the darkness) and burn them. Allow the flames to free you and the darkness to consume all that you no longer need.

Reflect upon what is truly important in your life:  Fill yourself up with hope and intention for what will be.

  • What qualities do I want to cultivate over the coming year?
  • What activities do I wish to give more of my thoughts and energy?
  • Who are people I want to spend more time with this year? (Book some dates with them now!)
  • What are ways I can truly deeply nourish myself body-spirit-mind?
  • Pre-book at least one personal ME DAY for each month in 2014 – and stick to them.

Light a candle and write down all that you wish to devote your energy to in the coming year. The candlelight is symbolic of you shining your inner light outwards to illuminate your life and those of others. Put your page of intentions someplace safe, where you can return to it as needed for inspiration. Next year at this time, you can use it in your life review.

The above tips work equally well at this time of new beginnings and fresh starts!

With love + respect for the beauty inside us all,  Celebrant Michele Davidson

One thought on “New Years Resolutions | Tips on Making them Mindful

  1. Thanks Michele – I’m going to have some alone time in the next few days and I think this is the perfect ritual for transitioning from an emotionally full year into a new year.

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