Welcoming Spring is one of the oldest of human rituals

The Spring Equinox is coming. On Saturday March 20th take time to celebrate the symbolism of the return of the sun. The longer days are symbolic of new beginnings, of emerging from darkness into light, of turning outwards after the inward time of winter. Humans have been honouring the return of spring since time immemorial.  Well, actually not just humans… bears and many other creatures of hibernation!

I’m a believer that we have to make time for small moments of magic each and every day.  Why not bring happiness and meaning into our days?  No matter how full our lives are, we can make moments of meaning that uplift our hearts.  On Saturday March 20th, pause to honour new beginnings, fresh starts, and the glorious cycle of life.  Some ideas:  Hang prayer flags, plant some seeds, share a special spring breakfast with friends and family, set your clock and step outside to raise your face to the first rays of light.

To welcome spring is to partake in one of the oldest of universal human rituals!

I’d love to hear what your spring rituals are.  Please share!

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