Our founder Michele Davidson wears many hats.  She is a professionally trained Celebrant and a long-time practicing Buddhist, ordained as a religious representative to serve the Buddhist community in ceremony but also, very importantly, to offer ceremonial services that promote understanding and connection between those of differing faiths. As a board member of BASIS — the Buddhist Association Supporting Interfaith Services — Michele leads ceremonies, spiritual salons, spiritual book clubs, and other services to promote deeper understanding in the broader community.

Spiritual Salons

Michele’s lively Spiritual Salons welcome people of all faiths, cultures, backgrounds, and heritage to come together. The intention is to have meaningful dialogue and conversation about universal human experiences.  Topics vary from salon to salon.  For instance, we may discuss Happiness. Or take an ethical dilemma and hear one another’s perspectives on how to approach it.  These are community building evenings that take place in the Sea to Sky corridor.

REMEMBERING – How do we remember the people we love who have died? Why is remembering important? What need does it fulfill.  Allows a chance for each person to honour a remembered person, experience, or animal friend.

THANKFULNESS – What does gratitude mean to you? How do you and your family express thankfulness in your lives and community?  In what ways it this missing

Spiritual Book Club

Michele is starting a spiritual book club in Squamish, inspired by several years of success leading Pema Chodron book discussion groups in Vancouver.  Interested?

Suicide Support

Michele is the survivor of a loved one’s suicide.  She has also been called to work with grieving families to create meaningful and truthful memorial services to honour people who have chosen to end their life.  You are invited to call upon Michele for these services, or to simply offer prayers.

Please email Michele at michele@moderncelebrant.ca.