Version 3Michele Davidson, Founder and Principal Celebrant

Michele is a born storyteller. Complete strangers tell her the most extraordinary things about themselves. She’s open, curious, and knows how to really listen.  Famous for her uncanny knack of ‘getting’ people in less than 10 minutes, she remembers everything they tell her. As an interfaith chaplain and officiant, she brings incredible depth of knowledge to her ceremonial practice. She is a pioneering early graduate from the Celebrant Institute in the US, and one of the first Celebrants in Canada.

A practicing Buddhist for nearly 25 years, she is deeply attuned to the immense beauty of our human lives. Michele brings the same tender attention to wedding ceremonies, as she does to her Celebrations of Life and End of Life work. She is one of the few Funeral Celebrants who specialize in memorial ceremonies for suicide and traumatic death loss. It takes a special person to be fully present with the expansive happiness of weddings and the grief of mourning families. Michele sees that each of us is extraordinary and ordinary all at the same time. When you work with her in ceremony, she will inspire you in so many thoughtful and personal ways. And she will pour her heart and soul into it because this experience MATTERS. To you. To her. And to the people you love.   You might enjoy reading one of her recent wedding reviews.

JanWebJanis Horne

Celebrant Janis Horne is grounded in that which is significant to the human heart. Part of the Modern Celebrant team for four years, she has witnessed the power of ceremony to provide meaning to our individual and collective lives. She knows that marking the milestones of life gives us joy and comfort in an increasingly hectic world. This understanding continues to inspire her work as a Celebrant, and provides the bedrock for every wedding ceremony or memorial ceremony that she creates.

For Janis, life is all about connecting with each other. It delights her to discover what really matters to people, and she loves the creative process of weaving their thoughts, beliefs, values, faith and culture into a contemporary ceremony that is theirs alone. She is an accomplished public speaker, and uses her skill to conduct ceremonies with warmth, sincerity and humour.  Janis loves meeting and working with people from all walks of life. She is particularly interested in serving the LGBTQ community with heartwarming, respectful and culturally sensitive wedding ceremonies and celebration of life ceremonies.

Janis has been professionally trained and certified as a Wedding Celebrant by the Celebrant Institute and Foundation and is authorized to perform interfaith weddings throughout the province of BC. She is also certified by The Gay Wedding Institute, and recently completed her certificate in Funeral Celebrancy with the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants in the United Kingdom.  Michele feels compelled to add: “Janis rocks!”


Marcia Thomson

Marcia brings the richness of a life lived fully with an open heart and mind, to her work as a Celebrant. Like so many of our clients, her journey through life has been imbued with beautiful celebrations but loss and sorrow also. An intuitive and thoughtful person, Marcia listens carefully to get to the heart of what matters most to you so she can create a ceremony that reflects your most cherished values and unique personality. A graduate of the Celebrant Foundation and Institute, Marcia is certified in Weddings and End of Life ceremonies. And like everyone on the Modern Celebrant team, she is an authorized interfaith Religious Officiant recognized by the Province of BC.

When it comes to weddings, Marcia knows that long after the confetti and rose petals have been swept away, what you’ll remember most about your wedding is how it made you feel. Her gift for your marriage is a wedding ceremony that fills your heart for years to come. She wants you to look back and say, “That was perfect. That was just what we wanted.”And at times of death and grief, she understands how overwhelming creating a funeral or memorial service can be for loved ones. Innately sensitive and compassionate, you can trust Marcia to create an end-of-life ceremony full of heart, elegance, and grace. Know that she is strongly called to serve families coping with miscarriage, stillbirth and infant death.

Marcia will guide you with creativity, integrity and professionalism as you mark your life’s most important moments – guaranteed!