We believe in ‘BIG’ MOMENTS

BIG moments are times in our lives when we yearn to push the ‘pause’ button and connect to matters of the heart… like getting married, mourning a loved one, becoming a mother or a father. Any time when we make a significant emotional or life-changing shift. At Modern Celebrant, we believe that ceremony – big or small – should be part of big moments. And that is can be transformative. Reflection, gathered memories, and enthralling personal narrative woven into ritual and tradition are what make it happen. That is why our tagline is, “Honouring Life’s Big Moments through Transformational Ceremonies.”

Truth is Beautiful

Modern Celebrant was founded because of Celebrant Michele Davidson’s personal experiences and her intuitive sense of purpose. She created Modern Celebrant to help individuals, couples and families touch what really moves them and discover what they really need in times of celebration and times of sorrow. Human beings are drawn to what is deeply honest and true — and THAT is what a stunning and inspiring ceremony creates for you and for everyone present.  There is an underlying lightness to all that we create. Because that is also a truism to human life. There is always joy to be found! As William Blake famously said, “Joy and woe are woven fine.”

Soak it all in

We will honour the BIG moments of your life with delight and surprise, attention and reflection. We are story gatherers and story tellers passionately committed to creating an experience for you to soak in your moment. In all its beauty. With all its truths.

This is the time of your transformation.