Floating on air after our wedding ceremony

Michele, we are still floating on air after not one but two of your amazing ceremonies!!! We’d both been guests at many weddings over the years, and realized that with few exceptions, the ceremonies were impersonal, generic and…well….a little boring. After going through your unique process of reflecting on ourselves and our relationship, we knew that this would be no ordinary ceremony. And it wasn’t. Our guests were enthralled and entertained. They laughed, they cried….so did we! The way you created a “family ceremony” to include our children was amazing! We received countless comments from guests about how particularly moving they found this part of the ceremony. I know that in the years to come – through good days and tough times, we will reflect on the ceremony you helped us to create. With all the effort most couples put into picking a photographer, cake and flowers, it seems a shame to not put even more time and thought into what, after all should be the most important part of a wedding day: the ceremony!  You showed amazing understanding and flexibility when unexpected circumstances necessitated a last minute “extra” small ceremony three weeks before the original date so that some close family members could attend.  We cannot recommend you highly enough. — Love always, Debbie and Steve