I will cherish our wedding ceremony

Our ceremony was a big focus of our wedding and not just something to get through. I appreciated how Janis incorporated all the traditions (new and old) to make our custom ceremony. I LOVED and will cherish our ceremony and I loved how our guests were encouraged to cheer us on ( I really remember how good/warming it felt ). Despite the number of guests it was intimate and personal. The questionnaire prior to writing the ceremony was also a nice exercise for us to do. I don’t think we ever sat down and put into words what a wedding means to us. I felt that Janis really focused on getting to know us which was reflected during the ceremony. Also, having been part of a few weddings. I want to comment on Janis’ demeanor and preparation. She guided the rehearsal very well and we felt relaxed and happy during it. (I have heard of other rehearsals where the officiant was “bossy” and boot camp-ish.) Throughout the whole process, Janis anticipated and asked for clarification when needed, which made the ceremony flawless and accessible to all (ie. for those not familiar with the traditions we did). I feel that the Officiant is the one that sets the tone and the tone Janis set for our wedding was intimate, uplifting and joyous. — Cherryl & David (Photo by Tomasz Wagner Photo & Video)