Michele curated a cocoon of Love!

Michele, we love you. Absolutely love, adore, and admire you. Incredible job done. We had high hopes – but you blew them away. (<— verbatim from Mr. H)  There are no sufficient words to thank you for what you curated, crafted, and created for us on Saturday – and over this past year guiding us reflectively.

As you know, our ceremony was everything to us – the raison d’être. You captured our love, our story, each of us, in the most beautiful and authentic way. Hussein and I were so tuned in to every word you said, every moment, everything so perfectly timed and well managed. You kept us present, engaged, and us.

The unanimous feedback from our guests was that “our celebrant” “our ceremony” were the highlight of our wedding. That everything was beautiful, but the love, authenticity, and joy of our ceremony was the best they had ever had the opportunity to participate in and witness. In perhaps the most telling testament to your incredible work, we have already had 3 engaged couples ask for your contact information.

Hussein and I are blown away. We cannot stop talking about our ceremony. Without question, it was the highlight of our day. Sharing our love and starting our life with the people we love most. You curated a cocoon of love that enveloped us the entire night. The time we had immediately following our ceremony to revel in the newness of marriage, of “husband and wife” status – thank you. Those were some of the most precious minutes of my life.

You gave us space to be us, kept us and our guests fully engaged in the moment, and set the tone for the most memorable night of our lives.

With all our love, gratitude, admiration and joy – thank you! You have a gift, you are a gift, and we are so incredibly honoured and blessed to have had the privilege of collaborating with you this past year. Thank you for sending us over the moon and into married life with so much authenticity and style.  — XO Brianna