My favorite memory as a bride was our wedding ceremony

When it comes to wedding planning, the ceremony is often overlooked in the exciting world of decor, dresses, venue, etc. And while all of those things are so important, we felt that our vows and the ceremony itself should be the centrepiece of the entire wedding. After all, “making it official” is the whole reason behind all the fuss, isn’t it? Our wedding weekend was the best weekend of our lives! And my favourite memory as a bride is having my closest friends and family sitting around us, taking part in the poignant and beautiful ceremony that Michele crafted especially for us. She visited our home and got to know us as a couple and as individuals. The ceremony she created was unique, personal, fun and touching. She had the entire place in tears at one point. She helped us create our own vows and “surprises” for each other, which we shared during the ceremony. And most of all, she paid the utmost respect to our parents, whom my husband and I admire and love dearly. She was able to say what we couldn’t quite put into words. Our memories of that day with each other and our loved ones will last a lifetime. The entire experience was priceless. Thanks, Michele! — Christina