Our wedding ceremony celebrated our journey

Having experienced many traditional church weddings performed by ministers who knew the couples they were marrying, we weren’t sure what to expect when we decided to work with an officiant we’d never met. We couldn’t have been happier with Janis! We live in the U.S. and couldn’t meet Janis face-to-face, but she communicated with us regularly by e-mail, phone, and even video conferencing. She was friendly and personable, and she really spent time getting to know us and connecting with us. By the time we finally met her (just before the wedding), we felt like we were in the presence of an old friend. The ceremony Janis wrote was beautiful and meaningful. It truly represented the two of us and celebrated our journey. Our attendees were at different levels of acceptance of our relationship, but Janis’s words transcended all that and reached each person in a special, moving way that made our wedding all about love. We often think back to the ceremony and how artfully Janis wove our thoughts and feelings into words that will be remembered by us and our guests for years to come. We’re so glad Janis was a part of our special day. -– Marco & Jim