The Ceremony is what I Cherish Most about our Wedding Day!

For us, Michele completed our wedding day. I’ve been to many weddings with quick, forgetful ceremonies that most guests just wait to get over with. When reflecting on our wedding day, our guests’ feedback is that it was the most heart-warming, personal, intimate and memorable ceremony they’ve ever seen. Michele took the time to get to know us, even though we live across the country and revised our ceremony until it was exactly what we envisioned. And the end result was indeed magic. The ceremony reflected us both as individuals and as a couple and we had time to stop and take it all in. It was funny, sentimental and joyful all wrapped into one. Though our entire day was a great success, it will be the ceremony and the moment we actually became a married couple that I will cherish the most.

– Thank you, Tasha and Dustin