The Sacredness of the Ceremony and my Mom’s Life

In May, my mom passed on at the age of 84. My family and I wanted to create a Celebration of Life that would honour my mom’s life, her story, and the dignity and beauty of her being. I would have loved to have written the story of her life, but I was in no place to be present and to ensure that any celebration happened gracefully and without issue.

I am so glad Michele was there through the whole process. She stepped in with such grace and spent closer to three hours interviewing myself and other family members. From those interviews, Michele crafted –on a very short timeline– a beautiful telling of my mom’s life and being. She captured the details and the love. At the actual Celebration, Michele then held the space for family members, friends, and my mom’s community to come together. Throughout the whole process, she brought a sensitivity and care to her engagement with us. She had an appreciation for ritual. She understood and lovingly held the sacredness of both the ceremony and of my mom’s life. Michele had a humbleness that let my mom’s story unfold with grace and beauty.

Michele allowed us to create a celebration that was beyond what we could have done ourselves. I am so glad she was there. Her services are so needed.