Tony’s Celebration of Life

I can hardly believe that five years have passed since my family and I contacted you to create a Celebration of Life for our beloved Tony. Over these years I have thought of the care and thoughtfulness you brought to Tony’s laying to rest and to the Celebration of his Life.  His sickness and death happened so quickly and seemed to come out of nowhere that all my energy and time were given to dealing with the next appointment, and trying to make him comfortable.  I am grateful for a brief moment of mental clarity that I looked up “Celebrant”, found your name and put it aside, all the while not really wanting to believe I would need it.  I am eternally grateful for the beautiful ceremony you prepared.  It was dignified, thoughtful and spiritual.  You captured Tony’s essence in your words.  Thank you for the memento of this sad but special day.  I was reading through your words this morning, and was again filled with a deep sadness but also gratitude.  — Bernie