Wedding ceremony magic

After my (now) wife and I attended my brother’s wedding and saw their officiant in action, we started thinking more about how we wanted our ceremony to look. Modern Celebrant caught our eye due to their approach of creating deeply personal ceremonies. After meeting with Janis for the first time, we were sold. She took the time to understand us as a couple, and seemed genuinely excited to share in our experience and tell our story. Our vision for our wedding was to focus on our relationship with each other and others, and we had a full camp-themed weekend planned. Janis had many suggestions of how to enhance the experience; she came up on both Friday and Saturday to create more wedding magic for us. On the Friday, she hosted a ring-warming ceremony with our close friends and family, which is definitely a wonderful memory and experience. For the ceremony itself, Janis’ knowledge and experience was invaluable and put us at ease. Knowing that we had worked with her for months to craft the type of ceremony and story we wanted made us feel like we were starting our marriage on the right foot. It was truly a beautiful wedding ceremony, and that is largely due to Janis. Our friends and family loved the ceremony and we definitely recommend her to anyone looking for that special touch.