Longing to Connect

Have you ever wondered why exactly we put so much effort into celebrating the start of marriage with a wedding day experience? Or why it’s so important that we hold celebrations of life, memorials and funerals – and that we do them right? When we bring a new life into this world, doesn’t it seem that there should be an event to rejoice as a community!  One of the most beautiful aspects of being human is how we long to connect with the people we love. Quite naturally we yearn for emotional richness (and a sense of significance) when it comes to the big experiences of life. For some people this is a conscious intention. For others it’s something they can’t quite name or put their finger on. What a shame that in our fast-paced society, so many people no longer understand the profound opportunities ceremony offers. They either do nothing, or go through the motions with a perfunctory (get through it) ceremony.

We’ve evolved and grown so much as a society and as individuals, but we’ve dismissed something important.

Ceremony should be a Catalyst

A well-thought out and lovingly conducted ceremony takes you through a gateway. Through words, gesture, and ritual you metaphorically move from one phase of your life to the next. One way of being into another. For instance, a wedding ceremony is not merely saying, “I do.” A wedding ceremony should allow two individuals to really ‘get’ that they now step forward into a life that is shared.

We want your ceremony to actually mean something. Not be just a pretty sparkly thing that is soon forgotten.

Something that you will remember forever.

And so will your friends and family!