A Car Seat in the Wedding Processional

Sandra and Tony were clear from the moment we started planning their wedding ceremony that baby Sam would be involved.

Eight-month old Sam would be the ring bearer, and part of the procession. His aunt, the Maid of Honour, would carry him down the aisle. Together they would hold the rings. At the altar, Sam would be handed to his grandmother with whom he would sit until called upon to further fulfill his ring bearer duty.

Wedding day was busy for the entire family. Sam was unfailingly cooperative and charming as he posed for family photographs. He maintained good humour as he was passed among adoring relatives. By 4:30, when the wedding ceremony was scheduled to begin, Sam was exhausted. There he lay, sound asleep in his car seat.

What to do? Sandra poked and prodded Sam to see if he could be roused to take part in the procession. But, there was no waking him. Sam was out cold and Sandra was a bit distressed. She and Tony had been planning for this moment for months!

In the end, that old adage “let sleeping babies lie” turned out to be just the right thing to do. Instead of carrying Sam in her arms, his aunt proceeded down the aisle with her bridesmaid’s bouquet in one hand and Sam’s car seat in the other. The wedding rings were gently placed on a cushion on Sam’s belly, softly rising and falling with his breath. Instead of being handed to his grandmother, Sam took his place – sound asleep in his car seat – alongside the rest of the wedding party at the front.

Sam slept soundly and peacefully during the wedding ceremony. Just before the ring exchange, his eyes gently fluttered open. He was happy and mellow after his nap, and ready to participate. With the help of his aunt, Sam fulfilled his ring bearer duties just beautifully. He smiled and cooed throughout the remainder of his Mom and Dad’s heart-warming custom wedding ceremony. Same was even fully attentive during the family blessing and a candle lighting intended especially for him!

It couldn’t have worked out better! All the guests had a good laugh as ring bearer Sam came down the aisle asleep in his car seat, and they were charmed when he awoke on cue refreshed and in great humour for his role in the ceremony. It was perfect! Sam is perfect!


At Modern Celebrant, we love finding ways to include children in our wedding ceremonies. We’re masters of organic process and figuring out how to let things unfold beautifully, when they don’t go according to plan. 


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