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In early August, I was honoured to be the wedding officiant for a beautiful same sex wedding here in equally beautiful Vancouver.  What a blessing to marry Marco and Jim, a same-sex couple from Houston, Texas. They decided to marry in Vancouver because they fell in love with the city [and more deeply in love with each other] when they took their first vacation together here over three years ago. The wedding was extraordinary in its poignancy. Jim and Marco are very emotionally open about their feelings for each other, and they touched my soul from the moment that we started working together. I wasn’t alone in my affection. Every single one of their 28 guests had travelled to Vancouver to share Marco and Jim’s joy.

The intimate dining room at La Terrazza was bursting with love. Jim and Marco’s, to be certain, and their love for their three daughters, who, in their words, “are the stars in their sky and the joy in their hearts.” A close friend and colleague from work, who married her wife just last year when California opened its mind (again) to same sex marriage, shed happy tears as her two beloved friends joined their hearts and souls. Several other members of Jim and Marco’s chosen family were present, as always to show their love and support. Even Marco’s ex-wife was there, her generosity of spirit enabling her to rejoice in Marco’s discovery of his authentic self. I could see that the effort made by parents and siblings to attend the wedding deeply touched Jim and Marco. Their presence, despite their various places on the continuum of acceptance and comfort with same-sex marriage, poignantly demonstrated that what matters most is the happiness of their son and brother.

Feeling connected to one another is a basic human need. I am so grateful to Jim and Marco for so freely sharing their thoughts and feelings with me, which gave me rich material from which to weave a ceremony that was unique and meaningful, and which connected all of us in our understanding that love is, after all, the most important thing.

Janis Horne
Modern Celebrant

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