Renee and Dustin’s magical Wedding Ceremony at the UBC Boathouse

Renée and Dustin’s wedding ceremony was one of those occasions where the couple, the guests, and I seem to enter an altered reality. A place where time stands still, where people hold the hand of their own loved one a little more tenderly, and the sky is bluer and the grass greener.

The ceremonial experience was nothing short of magical.  Held on the dock of the architecturally stunning John M.S. Lecky UBC Boat House in Richmond, right smack alongside the Fraser River. we were cooled by the occasional breeze off the water, serenaded by the sounds of nature, and with just a few steps backwards we would have been in the Fraser River.

crying best man

Renee and Dustin’s love story is a captivating one that was a great pleasure to weave for their guests. Renée’s mom told me that the ceremony held their family and friends spellbound. It’s true… but for the squawks of the occasional heron flying overhead, you could’ve heard a pin drop. Renée and Dustin were entranced by each other… and we by them!

Here’s a sampling from the ceremony, where I described the couple using some of their own words:

“…How can any of us not be entranced by a couple who both consider themselves introverted-extroverts?  Who run full tilt at life, happily forgetting the rules and ignoring what is normally considered rational or sane?  Who enthusiastically engage in heated debate one moment, but can be found laughing and silly-dancing the next?

How can we not be captivated when Dustin calls Renée, “a closet hip-hop MC who is never more than a couple meters away from her needles and yarn”? Or by Renée, who, when asked about Dustin’s funny quirks commented, “How much time do you have?”  Here are just a few of Dustin’s obsessions she named: “strange sounds, providing grammatical critiques, and seeking out natural hotsprings at all costs.”

Wondering how wedding story telling like this comes about?  Well I can tell you that it doesn’t just happen… as a Celebrant my commitment is to crafting a wedding ceremony that is completely reflective of the couple.  This is why they are so much fun to write and so meaningful to listen to.

I spend hours interviewing every couple and having them work on reflections, using a unique process I’ve developed to help me truly ‘get them’.  From the reactions of guests, the evidence was in:  it worked! Plus, I made the best man get all misty eyed (that’s when I know I’ve done a good job!)

Joyfully yours,

Celebrant Michele Davidson, Vancouver Wedding Officiant, Custom Wedding Ceremonies Vancouver and Whistler

**  The beautiful photos are by Wedding Photographer Leanne Petersen at

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  1. Hi Michele, i love your post here about Renee+Dustin.
    Thank you so much for the photo credit and link to my website. I just wanted to let you know that you have spelled my name wrong, so you’re link won’t work;)
    the correct spelling is Leanne Pedersen… just thought you might like to know.
    thanks again. it was a pleasure working with you.

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