A Peak to Peak Elopement Ceremony

This is a wedding story. This is a baby story. It is a story about the power of Transformation.

Sarah and Ryan were definitely the most creative and adventurous Bride and Groom I’ve collaborated with.  Avid skiers, they wanted to be married on the Peak-to-Peak Gondola at Whistler Blackcomb, so that afterwards they could ski down the mountain in their wedding finery.  The Peak-to-Peak Gondola isn’t just any gondola. It covers a record-breaking 4.4-kilometer distance between Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains.

The physical space of the Peak-to-Peak Gondola, this carriage, was the outward catalyst for Sarah and Ryan’s inner transformation. Let me explain what I mean by that.

There were two aspects to the wedding ceremony I created for them. Firstly, I was guided by my intention that the ceremony must reflect the full depth of their remarkable emotional bond (they’re pretty amazing!). But it was also important to recognize the underlying symbolism of the ceremony setting (also amazing). I had no doubt powerful transformational energy would be present because of this powerful combination.

And so it was.

The day of, Ryan headed up the ski hill with the two unsuspecting witnesses. Sarah and I rode up together, alone on the chair lift. As we moved through the still mountain air, the sun broke through the clouds. I spoke to Sarah of transformation. How she was literally and figuratively journeying to a new phase in her life as we rose up the mountain. We both felt the ‘in-between-ness’ of those moments. It was there in Sarah’s eyes and on her face as I looked at her.

After loading onto the gondola, joined by the photographer, Sarah set about freeing her beautiful wedding gown from under her ski jacket. We quickly decorated the private gondola carriage for the wedding, just in time for the groom and their friends to load at the next stop. Seeing Sarah in her wedding dress came as a complete shock to their two witnesses.  I think they lost the ability to speak for a minute! When they turned around, Ryan had taken off his outerwear to reveal a stylish black tux.

And so… there in that carriage… we began the transformation of two individuals into Husband and Wife, joined by a covenant of the heart. I began with these words:

“This is not a carriage; it is a passage place of becoming, a portal through which Sarah and Ryan will create a beautiful new world, each for the sake of the other. In shedding one set of clothing to stand before us in wedding dress and tux, Ryan and Sarah reveal their intention to enter the spiritual journey of marriage, and thus to experience a richness of intimacy deeper than they have yet known.”

It was a deeply intimate ceremony full of heartfelt moments, laughter, and tears.  What an immense privilege to guide Ryan and Sarah at such an important moment in their lives.

What I especially loved about Sarah and Ryan’s wedding ceremony was that it really did take them on a journey. Metaphorically and truly they left behind one way of being as they entered the gondola carriage and they stepped off it transformed into Husband and Wife to walk the path of marriage.

When a transformation feels this palpable, as thought it’s imbued in every breath of air, I call it a Threshold Experience. Everyone present that day felt part of stood on it with them. As Sarah herself said, “PURE LOVE + BLISS”

Not long afterwards, the energy of the Wedding day transformed again! This time into the creation of a tiny blessed being. Sarah and Ryan were pregnant with a little girl.  Vivienne Carrie was born almost exactly a year after the wedding day.

Come summer, Sarah and Ryan and I will gather again in ceremony. This time to honour and bless their daughter Viv.  Talk about transformation!


Check out Sarah’s extraordinary bouquet & photographer:
Balconi Flowers |  My bouquet was truly a work of art & filled with raw cotton, pine, sticks & yarn.
Anastasia Photography |  Husband + Wife team that live in Whistler, British Columbia. Their photographs are filled with so much soul & love!
Peak 2 Peak Gondola |  The most amazing view in the world! The staff at Whistler Blackcomb Resort is incredible.

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  1. Thank you Michele for creating the most special ceremony for us high above the valley floor. Your beautiful light, energy & love enveloped us during our wedding. We will treasure your words forever! So much love, Sarah & Ryan

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