A Pemberton Wedding Ceremony | Modern Celebrant Style

How’s this for a natural and family style processional. Love that the dog led the way (with no treats as encouragement). He just seemed to know his role. The bride is peeking out from the doorway.

I began by welcoming everyone to the ceremonial space… open sky above and majestic mountains all around.

So how did these two meet? What has brought them to this day, the day of their wedding? I won’t share their actual story with because it is their private story. But of course it was magical and involved crashing an event at a local country club by climbing the fence to get in… a second date to hear a blast-from-the-past 70’s band… a guy who was certain from the start and a woman who, well, was not so sure. And yet, something clicked. He won her over. And ever since they cultivated a relationship utterly and uniquely their own. You could call them ‘Being’ and ‘Doing’ … Yin and Yang. Together they have made a wonderful life.

Because the couple was deeply connected to this land, I crafted a Nature Blessing for them inspired by the directional blessings of our indigenous peoples. While not commonly seen today, elemental and directional blessings are a very old tradition common to cultures around the world. And besides that, what a wonderful experience to share at an outdoor wedding, especially in a setting as lovely as this one! Each direction has a particular energy as well as a specific elemental basis. We began the blessing with the couple first cleansing their hands in water purified with fresh local cedar. I used an abalone shell to scoop the water from the glass bowl. Their children so sweetly offered to help me. And then I invited everyone present to rise and participate in the blessing. It was an amazing experience to see everyone, young and old, turning with their faces full of so much love and hope. 

Then came their beautiful vows and ring exchange. The ring vow they chose to say is one of my favorites. Perfect in its simplicity and abundant at the same time.

I give you this ring:
wear it with love and joy.

The glass bowl with cedar, abalone shell, and river rock was a pretty and organic addition to their signing table.



The dream team for this wedding:

Wedding Officiant: Celebrant Michele Davidson, Modern Celebrant

Wedding Planning and Decor:  Sea to Sky Celebrations

Photography: Anastasia Whistler Photography

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