A Sonora Resort Destination Wedding Ceremony

With the life giving ocean behind them, the vast open sky above, and with the blessings of eagles… Lisa and Scott were married. The clouds which had threatened all morning parted for perfectly timed moments of sunshine. During the wedding ceremony time had a suspended quality, as though every gesture, word and ritual was somehow distilled and tangible. The uber-stunning Sonora Resort on the remote BC coast was a gem of setting for this amazing ceremony and destination wedding weekend. Surrounded by the natural world but with luxury linens, food, and bev…Lisa and Scott played host in style to their family and friends from all over the world, France to Houston.

It was a wonderful challenge for me to find a role for each of the couple’s combined six children in their wedding ceremony.   And for each and every guest too!  And I gotta say, people LOVED being so much more than mere witnesses.  Beyond the storytelling, that is the beauty of a Celebrant style ceremony. Because it’s crafted exclusively for and about a couple, based on conversation, hopes, and dreams — whatever and whoever needs to be in the ceremony, IS!

And what an incredible backdrop Rock Paper Square and Verbena Floral Design created for the ceremony.Seriously fab! This is precisely why I adore working weddings with Erin Bishop from Filosophi. She masterminds a vision (and a team) that pays as much attention to the ceremony setting as the reception space (and well, everything else.)  Hello Tomorrow joined us as videographers – can’t wait to see their film.

Congratulations to Scott and Lisa!

Celebrant Michele Davidson







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