A Squamish Wedding | Brazil + Poland

Under sunny late spring skies I stood in ceremony with one of my most fun-loving couples of the year.  Adriana and Bartek deserved a quirky beginning to their wedding ceremony.  And so, as the clearly elated guests suddenly grew quiet, I began:

“We have gathered here today… for a rap-loving daydreamer who talks up a storm and asks a billion questions. A champion of the underdog with highly refined verbal jiu-jitsu skills. And for a humble-to-a-fault roadtrip-loving man who could rightly be called a walking encyclopedia. An adventurous risk taker with a good sense of time who adores the 90’s, which makes, I’m told, for some interesting clothing choices.”

It was a grand beginning for a ceremony that was bursting with tenderness and connection, fun and meaning. After honouring their Brazilian and Polish parents, spinning Adriana and Bartek’s love story, and hearing their beautiful vows and all the other goodness, we closed with a traditional Polish wedding custom.  The Salted Bread Ritual. I added in a wine blessing too, so that the ritual was both symbolic and nutritious… even shall I say fortifying!

Bread is the sustenance of life. It represents the hope that, in their marriage, a couple will be nourished physically and spiritually. The salt on the bread serves to remind them that, amidst the many joys that lie ahead in their journey together, life will also present challenge and hardship, through which the couple must remain united and strong.

And united these two are. Loving and fun, I sure miss our conversations. The sad part of being a celebrant is saying goodbye after the wedding.

Celebrant Michele Davidson

PS  Adriana did a beautiful job of organizing and designing their wedding day.  I have a great love for DIY weddings because there is a special emotional energy in the final result.  From start to finish, Adriana and Bartek’s wedding was totally THEM!



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