A Whistler Elopement Ceremony | French Canadian style

“Chantal et André, you are everything to each other. You are each other’s food. You are each other’s wine. In each other you have found The One…The One who gives you butterflies… and your One True Love! Together, you have everything you need. Through this ceremony each of you will become half of the most important thing in the world – and that most important thing will be your Marriage. Together you will become whole. Together you will consciously create the kind of life that you dream of having. A life that is expansive and never limited by any circumstance. Because when people know love fully the way you do, it fills and touches every moment of life… the bright and the dark, the joyful and the difficult.”

Chantal et Andre came to Modern Celebrant via their thoughtful travel agent.  Searching for an officiant who would create a special ceremony for these two madly in love, magical people.  The goal was to have at least some of the ceremony in french.  Thrilled she found me and then connected Chantal et Andre and myself.

I crafted their vows in french and also suggested a beautiful literary reading en francais.  I also connected them to one of Whistler’s finest photographers who is from Quebec.  Adding an assistant who was also French Canadian completed the team… she did the reading during the ceremony and got all teary. It’s amazing how quickly and deeply we can connect to near strangers when we live in the present moment.

It was a magical Whistler Wedding. A perfect Whistler Elopement!  Intimate… there were only 5 of us.  The couple and their ‘Love Support Team’.

If you are French, French Canadian, or want a Quebec-style feel to your Whistler elopement or wedding ceremony, please connect with e. I have gathered a dream team to make your day more amazing than you ever thought possible.  We can do your vows in French… and I love doing Couple de Mariage rituals.. see below!



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