A wedding ceremony full of adventure at the Edgewater Lodge, Whistler

I love creating and performing custom wedding ceremonies in Whistler. More often than not, Whistler weddings take place outdoors. Nature offers many amazing ‘cathedrals’ of the heart. And when it comes to weddings Whistler BC has it all… from lakes to mountains to vast open sky.

Nicole and Alan, and their sweet daughter Sophie, were one of my most adventurous and nature-connected couples. Avid outdoors people, I simply could not imagine them getting married in any other Whistler wedding venue. The Edgewater Lodge has a stunning lakeside setting, perfect for a summer wedding.

I was so thrilled to serve as Nicole and Alan’s Wedding Celebrant and to vision a custom wedding ceremony for them that totally reflected their true selves and that involved their community as well as their daughter Sophie. Creating custom wedding ceremonies that honour the children in a couple’s life is very important to me.

In their five years together, Alan and Nicole have nurtured great depth and connection between them. There is a wonderful sense of ease to the relationship they describe as being, “spontaneous, playful, fun, active, understanding and perfect!”They share the same sense of adventure and instinctual commitment to get the most out of every second of life… be it family time, couple moments, engaged with the world around them, or with the family and friends they love so much. To say they love bikes is an understatement. Nicole has six and Alan has five. Even their daughter Sophie has two – and she’s still a toddler! Biking is a major part of their lives.

I’d like to share with you Nicole and Alan’s beautiful words about the future they stepped into through their totally custom wedding ceremony: “We want it to be an equal partnership where we make time for each other… and where we can talk openly, honestly, and often. We’ll ride our bikes together, laugh a lot, support each other, and be appreciative and forgiving of one another. We’ll feel contentment, happiness, and loved.”

The vows they wrote for each other were so personal… their words made everyone cry, laugh, and say ‘awww’. We had a very community based closing to the ceremony. And then little Sophie joined her mum and dad for their triumphant walk back down the aisle and towards their new life!

Was so touched by their note to me after the wedding:

“We will always remember our ceremony. It was truly a magical day and the ceremony you created was definitely everything we wanted it to be. Just thinking about it puts a smile on my face and gives me a feeling of love and warmth. And here’s what a friend of ours said, “The whole back row was crying and even I was welling up” ……… this from a big tough guy who’s probably not cried since he was 12 years old!”

Always a pleasure to collaborate with the lovely Wedding Planner Rachael Lythe from Sea to Sky Celebrations… the talented adventure photographer Robin O’Neill... and of course the Edgewater Lodge team.

Vancouver and Whistler’s Modern Celebrant Michele Davidson works with newly engaged couples to create transformational and totally custom wedding ceremonies. She helps couples expand their vision of their ceremony AND their engagement. It’s a one-in-a-lifetime folks… make it sing!!! Email Michele at Michele@moderncelebrant.ca for Vancouver + Whistler wedding ceremonies.  She also travels internationally for weddings! Bali anyone?

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