Sarah & Adam’s Ceremony at Eagle Harbour Yacht Club | Celebrant Style

“Every wedding is a dream, and every word that is spoken there
means more than it says,
and every gesture – the clasping of hands, the giving of rings –
is rich with mystery.”

I love loved LOVED these words from The Hungering Dark by Frederick Buechner. This was one of the beautiful readings that Sarah and Adam chose for their custom wedding ceremony where they promised to be lovers, partners, accomplices and true friends. They were certainly an inspirational couple to create for and with.  A wonderful (and hard to find) balance of being hugely reflective but also play-hard and have fun personalities.

Sarah and Adam’s custom wedding ceremony at the Eagle Harbour Yacht Club was a celebration of family and tradition, but also of their Quirkiness with a capital Q. These two are independent thinkers and we all knew their entire wedding ceremony had to reflect that. Starting with the procession: The flower girl came in on a little red wagon, which was pulled by a hipster-in-training young neighbour boy. The couple had no other attendants, preferring instead to stand for themselves.

Spending time with Sarah and Adam in the months prior to the wedding, I saw so clearly how much they trust and respect each other. They never feel the need to pretend to be someone they are not. And that truly is an amazing gift. I loved what Sarah shared with me about the compromises many people assume marriage implies. Very wise words, as you will see:“Marriage will be about articulating what is important to each other and then finding common ground. Compromising can mean that neither is happy with the outcome. Adam and I prefer to explore solutions that we both will like.”

The Make-The-Parents-Cry Factor

This ceremony was as much a joining of family and community as it was of the couple.  And so I promised Sarah and Adam that I would make their parents cry.  Mission accomplished!!!  In fact, I don’t think there was a dry eye anywhere in the ceremonial space.  Certainly not mine!  The parents signed the marriage register, which was lovely.

How could I not fall in love with this couple? They got engaged after climbing up a mountain… he describes himself as, “I can dawdle at a snail’s pace, or be as quick as a cheetah, typically the former when the latter is required”… and she was a happy-hearted bride who looked at her groom with shining eyes that said, i see you and i love you.






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