An intimate Whistler Wedding Ceremony | Celebrant Style

“Leah and Mike, think back to your first kiss… the precise day of which there is some debate. Remember too that beautiful September day in New York – after a freak snowstorm, flight delay, and incorrect closing times magically transported you to a rowboat in the lake at Central Park – to your proposal, so heartfelt in its thoughtfulness and honesty.”

This was how I led into the vow portion of Leah and Mike’s deeply personal story-telling ceremony. By storytelling I mean ‘their’ story, their personal narrative. You can see that it’s the sort of narrative that casts a spell… not a chronological ‘then they did that’ history. This is my ceremonial specialty. I was so fortunate to work with this couple as a wedding officiant working in bespoke Celebrant style. Every word I wrote and later spoke for them felt like it sang up out of a deep well of connection. You can see the profound impact such an intimate custom ceremony can have. Leah and Mike were more present with each other during the vows, than ANY couple I have ever seen. So much so that I actually stopped for a moment during the repeating and simply looked at them. It was like time stood still. You can see this quality of ‘presentness’ and also the mood for guests in the photographs.

So grateful my pals at Union Photographers were there to work their particular magic in capturing these precious moments.

L+M Her parents



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