Bernadette and Richard WOW | Aberthau Mansion

br-chicoBernadette and Richard’s wedding ceremony and reception were held at the Aberthau Mansion near Jericho Beach. Aberthau is a Gaelic word meaning ‘a place filled with light’.  I’d have to say that all who witnessed Bernadette and Richard’s first kiss as husband and wife certainly felt them light up the room!

Family is important to Bernadette and Richard, so I worked hard to integrate these values into the custom wedding ceremony I conceptualized and wrote for them.  Bernadette’s wee dog Chico stepped down the aisle with great dignity.  Richard’s lovely children Alexander and Charlotte, who were the youngest members of the wedding party, took turns reading verses a poem.  I couldn’t believe how articulate and poised they were!

br-garlandsAnd in honour of Bernadette’s Dutch Indonesian heritage, I suggested having Bernadette and Richard’s mothers bestow white flower garlands symbolizing acceptance upon the beaming couple.  I’m so glad we did this, as it was incredibly beautiful.

There was something very special in the air this day.   Couple, guests, and me!  I know others felt it too.

Don MacGregor, their amazing photographer, wrote this to me after the wedding ceremony:  “I must say that your ceremony was inspiring yet fun. I rarely listen to the words anymore… I concentrate only on the image making and such. I stepped back and listen and I did get involved. That is rare.”

brJoyfully yours,

Celebrant Michele Davidson, Vancouver Wedding Officiant, Custom Wedding Ceremonies Vancouver and Whistler BC


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