Making your wedding anniversary meaningful

Dan and I honoured our 5th wedding anniversary by hanging upside down… several hundred feet over the valley floor…suspended by a harness clipped onto a 2,200 foot long steel cable.  WHEE!  Loved it.

What a fabulous way to honour our individual and collective sense of adventure and daring.

Marriage is kind of like ZipTrekking!  Wild, exciting, scary, fast, disorienting, joyful, and primal!

Did I mention they threw in scream therapy for FREE?

I encourage you to ‘think outside the box’ when planning events to honour birthdays, memorials, mid-life, anniversaries, etc.

Take time to reflect on what suits your values and personal story. What reflects your deeper feelings?

For Dan and I, dinner out at a fancy restaurant well… it’s nice… but it isn’t really us.  Though, we struggled with NOT doing it!  Seems sort of like the ‘done thing’ in our society.

But the truth is this: our first years of marriage were challenging. Really challenging. And we are so much richer for it.  Dan and I have a deeply intimate and emotional bond as a result.  Going out for dinner just seemed ho-hum.

Our anniversary experience suited us perfectly. Here are the photos to prove it!  We’re bustin’ some moves for the camera.

(Don’t forget to check back in a week for the first of my backlog of 2009 ceremony postings!)

Joyfully yours,

Celebrant Michele

Ziptrek Image 6-01Ziptrek Image 6-03Ziptrek Image 5-02

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