Celebrant Sandwich

So there’s this thing I do with all my wedding couples, affectionately called the Celebrant Sandwich.  It’s become a popular feature of my Instagram feed. And I must say, I LOVE IT!!!  I have a whole wall of these fun shots now after several years.

Every photo reminds me of the joy experienced by couples in those moments immediately following their wedding ceremony. Laughter, tears, relief, excitement, love, happiness, community there for them… all bundled into one emotion that’s palpably euphoric.  There is simply nothing like that ‘we did it’ feeling.

Several years ago, one of my bride and grooms ganged up to plant big fat kisses on my cheeks at their wedding. We all laughed mightily and it was caught perfectly on camera. That day, I jokingly quipped, “Celebrant Sandwich” and the name has stuck. Now couples ask for it by name.

A fun photo memory for them, but I love it for a different reason though admittedly it’s fun for me too (there’s always a huge smile on my face!)

You see, I get to see into my couples’ hearts by guiding them in a reflective journey to be wed. And they share with me things that often have never been articulated before.  When we part after the wedding — I miss them!

The Celebrant sandwich captures perfectly our affection for one another, and how close we’ve become. It is symbolic of the completion of our journey together.  A precious memento for me and a reminder that my craft matters.

xoxo Celebrant Michele Davidson



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