Christina and Eric’s Summer Solstice Wedding

Just two days after the longest day of sunlight in the whole year, we gathered to shine our love out to Christina and Eric as they set out on the adventure of marriage.

They chose to be married on the cusp of the summer solstice. That inspired me to begin their wedding ceremony with these words:

“It is considered very lucky to be married at a time of solstice, and summer solstice in particular, for it is believed to be a coming together of energies…yin and yang…heaven and earth. Symbolic for Christina and Eric of the way they have opened their hearts to allow light and love in. What a blessing to begin their marriage with such a powerful reminder of the good and lasting energy of all that surrounds them.

Just as the earth circles the sun so too does love make the world go around. Parental love, romantic love, and the love of friends. Each person here contributes to the collective energy of this gathering.”

We then grounded ourselves with a poem by the Persian poet Rumi, read by Christina’s sister Vanessa.  Though the verse is short, the words were ripe with meaning for this couple.  Perfectly perfect, as I like to say!

And of everything

We have created pairs.

Heaven and earth

Night and day

Sun and moon

Shore and sea

Light and darkness


For him.


Thanks my lovelies for opening the windows of your hearts to me!  What a joy to be part of your day. You truly are the shore and the sea.

A great pleasure to create experiences again with talented friends at Filosophi, Hello Tomorrow, Shari + Mike Photography. Mwah!  (Beautiful photo by Shari + Mike)

xoxo Michele



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