Clare and Scott’s Whistler Wedding

Clare and Scott could have just eloped in some adventurous place, but they really wanted their wedding day to be a coming together of all the people they love in one place, at one time. They chose the Squamish Lil’Wat Cultural Centre in Whistler, with its stunning architectural design, sacred sensibility, and dramatic mountain backdrop.

Everyone present had to travel to be there; some came from great distances. That’s pretty fantastic, given that of the 120 of us, only myself, and the wedding vendor team, were from Whistler.

As we began, I asked Scott and Clare to look out at the faces of these very happy and excited people.  It was a big moment in their lives and I wanted to help them really take in that all the people who care about them were there. How amazing is that! Actually, a wedding is sometimes the only time in a couple’s life that this happens. It’s truly a rare coming together.

Asking family and friends to send a veritable wave of good heartedness to our couple, everyone stood and participated in a beautiful community affirmation of their love for Clare and Scott, and their commitment to support them in their marriage. It was awesome!  My body swayed backwards a little at the energy they sent towards us. Seriously!

Clare’s sister Anna read a poem that spoke to the emotions and meaning of this day, called Epithalamium written by John Gardiner Calkins Brainard.

I saw two clouds at morning.

Tinged with the rising sun,

And in the dawn they floated on,

And mingled into one:

I thought that morning cloud was blest,

It moved so sweetly to the west.

I saw two summer currents

Flow smoothly to their meeting,

And join their course with silent force,

In peace each other greeting:

Calm was their course through banks of green,

While dimpling eddies played between.

Such be your gentle motion,

Till life’s last pulse shall beat;

Like summer’s beam, and summer’s stream,

Float on, in joy, to meet

A calmer sea, where storms shall cease –

A purer sky, where all is peace.

This was followed by the telling of Clare and Scott’s story, beginning with the matchmaking of some pretty determined friends. Who they are together and what they yearn for. Memories… funny, raw, tender, exciting, comforting… life.  They feel incredibly lucky at finding someone so perfect to go through life with. During the reflective work we did together, Clare and Scott shared with me heartfelt words about this. On their big day, I shared them with family and friends. Any dry eyes in the house. Nah.

We all listened intently as they exchanged the wedding vows they wrote for one another.  Their personalities captured in the words they spoke.

To close the ceremonial time with intention, I guided Clare and Scott to seal the deal by offering each other wine and something sweet. This is a lovely and very ancient wedding ritual that is not often seen these days. We used chocolate and wine… a perfect match, just like them.

Clare and Scott have learned the song of each other’s heart. On this day, they became true companions setting out on the lifelong adventure of their marriage. No couple every really knows what lies ahead of them, but I know these two will rock it no matter what. Through their custom wedding ceremony was a deeply symbolic way to take their first step into this adventure.

Wedding Officiant and Celebrant Michele Davidson

PS I love Whistler weddings!!!

PPS – Thanks to the team at Sea to Sky Celebrations | Whistler Wedding Planners for connecting me to Clare and Scott and for being always so fabulous!  And to Squamish Lil’ Wat Cultural Centre for sharing their sacred space in ceremony.


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