Custom Wedding Ceremony EXPERIENCES


When a couple allows the personal into their ceremony, the give the gift of their spirits to everyone present.  Hearts open; warmth resonates throughout the room.  – Source unknown

Today I feel all lit up after creating our most custom wedding ceremony package of all for a loving couple that chose to go with the Making Memories Wedding Ceremony Experience.

Our Making Memories Wedding Ceremonies are not just any old wedding ceremony!  It’s a ceremonial experience that includes meeting with the couple on two occasions – once for the initial consultation, and then again for an in-depth personal interview.  Both members of the couple also individually complete Personal Reflections that allow them to explore their feelings and thoughts about themselves, their partner, and their transition to marriage.  This is an opportunity that does not often arise in our fast-paced world, which gets even more ramped up in the process of planning a wedding.  Some couples may find this process challenging in its intimacy – but they’re always glad they did it.  For those who embrace it, as my couple has done, the process is richly rewarding in helping them to further understand what they mean to each other and what they are really doing on their wedding day.

These thoughts and emotions provide incredible insight into the inner beauty of a relationship.  My heart opens when I am weaving the many textures and colours of their responses into a rich tapestry that is theirs and theirs alone.  The resulting ceremony is a highly personal event that resonates, not only with the couple, but with all of those in attendance who know and love them.

Long after the flowers have faded, this is what will remain – a ceremony that touches the heart and celebrates our connection to one another.

It is my privilege and honour to write and perform these ceremonies.

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